EC finalizes the first module of Urban Activism School

EC has finalized the first module of Urban Activism School, part of the “Reclaiming the City” project. The topics of the last week's lectures were "Woman and the City", lectured by Aurela Kadriu and "Art in Public Spaces", lectured by Leutrim Fishekqiu. During the four weeks of work, the participants with the help of the mentors have conceived 6 civic initiatives that will be implemented during Module 2. Civic initiatives will be realized over the coming months and cover the areas such as: art in public spaces, protection of cultural heritage, public spaces and people with disabilities, Lumbardhi as a space for all, urban interventions and public spaces around the schools.

The School of Urban Activism is implemented in support of the National Endowment for Democracy, enabling young people, pupils and students to get to know more about the meaning of urban activism in a 4-month education process.