DUSP issues no permit yet the DPS allows the setting up of the amusement park

Through its project of overseeing the transparency of the municipal government of Prizren, EC Ma Ndryshe has once again addressed the issue of the location of the Luna amusement park. Situated near the “Sezai Surroi” Sports Centre in Prizren, residents in the park's immediate vicinity have issued further complaints against the establishment.


The citizens of these neighborhoods have repeatedly presented their complaints, which were in turn publicized by EC Ma Ndryshe: (http://online- transparency.org/repository/docs/As_of_next_year_the_Sports_Centre_to_prohibit_the_settin g_of_the_amusement_park.pdf), EC Ma Ndryshe has since started a signature collection campaign that would demand for a ban against setting up the amusement park inside/within the vicinity of the Sports Centre, since the discontent of local citizens has been overlooked for years. Read press release