Delays in the appointment of Municipal Directors –Inexcusable message to the citizens

EC Ma Ndryshe is tracking with a concern the delays in the process of the appointment of municipal directors of Prizren. Although almost two months have passed from the certification of final local election results of 2013 by the CEC for the assemblies and municipal mayors, the executive body of Prizren Municipality has not yet been established. So far, the Mayor of Prizren has failed to provide credible reasons for this lag, which is affecting the overall dynamics of local governance and on the work performance of the executive. To this situation has preceded the election campaign period and two rounds of mayoral elections, which is characterized with a dreadfully low dynamics of works executed by local government.

EC Ma Ndryshe deems that such dragging goes at the detriment of general public interest containing within a bad message to the citizens. Current institutional void prevents the effective execution of local government’s operations, by denying the citizens of the municipality of Prizren in receiving qualitative and timely services. By casting their votes, the citizens of Prizren have commissioned the mayor to govern with the operations of the municipality and to provide public services. Above all, the mayor is also obliged by the applicable laws of the country for this endorsement to translate into effective and democratic governance in service to the citizens.Please read the Press Release