Debate “Candidates for the Mayor of Prizren head to head with the Youth”

EC Ma Ndryshe, within the project of raising youth’s participation in the decision-making process through social media, organized the second informal meeting with the candidates for the mayor of Prizren in local elections of 3 November 2013. Aiming at informing the youth of Prizren before hand with the ideas and the plans of each candidate, the gathering took place in an informal ambience where discussions were candid and straight forward. Presentation of the programs for the youth in this debate was made by the following candidates:  Mr. Beni Kizolli – Conservative Party (PK), Mr. Eqrem Kryeziu – Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), Mr. Fadil Kryeziu– Civic Initiative for Prizren (NQP) and Mr. Pajtim Kosova –Justice Party (PD).