Citizen Legislative Initiative

Article 69 of the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability for allowing fair compensation for the victims of human rights violations. This amending and supplementing would bring this law in line with the Constitution of Kosovo and international obligations.In support of this change 13.231 signatures were collected by a coalition of nine (9) partner organizations from different municipalities of Kosovo. Organizations cooperative in this undertaking are: AKTI (Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje), CSD (Gračanica/Graqanicë), Ec ma Ndryshe (Prizren), Femrat Aktive të Gjakovës/Active Women of Gjakova (Gjakovë), FIZH (Pejë/Peć), KCBS (Gjilan/Gnjilane), Me dore në Zemër (Mitrovicë/Mitrovica), Mileniumi i Ri (Pristina), and Prehja (Skenderaj). Representatives of this initiative, Mr. Hilmi Jashari, Legal Manager at CRP/K, Mr. Kushtrim Kaloshi, Executive Director at ATRC and Mr. Agon Gashi, Campaign’s Legal Officer, presented this initiative to the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mr. Jakup Krasniqi. At the very time the signatures are confirmed by the Central Election Commission, this amendment proposal will be a point of the legislative agenda of the Assembly of Kosovo.


Justice and Citizens Campaign is a movement bringing together citizens and civil society groups in Kosovo to work for reforms in the justice system and to promote change through public advocacy. Our goal is to promote a more just and accountable legal system thus to increase its responsiveness to the needs of its citizens.