Environmental analysis of the Prizren region16 December 2019A round table discussion was held where the findings of the report "Environmental Analysis of the Prizren Region" were published, and current environmental issues and media coverage of these issues were addressed.More
Career orientation12 December 2019A “Career Orientation” lecture was held in Prishtina at the “Hoxhë Kadri Prishtina” Economic High School, which came out at the request of School of Activism student, Ardit Mulliqi.More
Visit to Mati Logoreci school12 December 2019A presentation was held in front of the students of “Mati Logoreci” school in Prizren who shared their experience of the Eco School project. More
Public participation in spatial planning12 December 2019A roundtable discussion was held where the findings of the report "Public Participation in Spatial Planning" were published, which was realized with representatives of directorates of Kosovo municipalities, in the...More
Youth activism and the importance of volunteerism11 December 2019A training session entitled "Youth Activism" was held with the youth of Gjakova Municipality.More
Biological air filters placed in chemical laboratory11 December 2019An initiative was put in place for the moss wall in the Chemistry Lab of “Luciano Motroni” High School, an idea that came from the students of this school. The purpose of this activity was to place these...More
The pollution and degradation of the rivers should come to a halt10 December 2019The principles for sustainable management of the rivers of the Municipality of Prizren are not fully respected by the responsible institutions. As a result, the rivers of this municipality are facing pollution and...More
Ecological intervention on "Shefqet Shkupi" road in prishtina10 December 2019EC Ma Ndryshe has met with residents of "Shefqet Shkupi" street in Pristina who during the discussions expressed some of their concerns regarding the neighborhood where they live.More