Youth activism in rural areas

The project aims to contribute to mitigating the levels of social exclusion of young people in rural areas by increasing their engagement opportunities in activism initiatives, volunteering and off-curricular activities. The main beneficiaries of the project are young people (girls and boys) in Kosovo's rural areas of different ethnic backgrounds.


  • Over 50 rural activism initiatives to improve the quality of community life through addressing the specific needs of residents,
  • Thousands of young people engaged on carrying out the activism initiatives and hundreds of new community groups (or existing groups)
  • Over 20 new established community groups and over 20 community-based groups supported to serve the community
  • Increased opportunities for youth engagement in rural areas in activism initiatives, volunteering, non-curricular activities
  • Improved (and structured) Dialogue between community groups and decision-makers for more effective addressing of community needs
  • Developed partnerships between community groups in different rural areas to address sensitive social and cultural issues, including gender equality and reconciliation among peoples.