Youth and Urban Planning in Prizren

The sixth in the cycle of focus groups within the “INCLUSIVE CITY – Participatory Planning for Sustainable Urban Development in Prizren” project was “Youth and Urban Planning”. It was held on 23.04.2014 at the Conference Hall in EC Ma Ndryshe. Through this meeting were brought most of the needs, concerns and requirements of the youth about the urban planning in the city of Prizren. Topics that were discussed were: environment, health, sports, culture, transportation and school infrastructure. Besides youth and elementary school children, there were also present teachers and the representatives of Municipal and Regional Police of Prizren. "Inclusive City" is a three-year project of the EC Ma Ndryshe, which aims to articulate the needs of community groups and to translate them into viable urban plans of the municipality of Prizren. The project is supported by the Olof Palme International Center and has begun implementing in January 2013.