To Investigate Irregular Employment Cases in Prizren Schools

Transparency Forum is following with concern the recent developments related to suspicious cases of irregular employment in Prizren municipality schools. In recent days, reports emerged for a number of employment cases in schools, where the suspicions were raised for the violation of vacancy terms and conditions, illegal payments for getting a job and influence of strong political figures. These suspicions are also an indicator of the degradation of education in Prizren during the post war period.   

All these suspected cases are sufficient reason for relevant authorities to undertake immediate action in compliance with the law. Therefore, the Transparency Forum calls upon the Prizren local Government and Kosovo central Government (firstly and fore mostly the Ministry of Education) to investigate these cases and inform the public on the findings for Prizren schools. At the same time, due to serious suspicions raised in the course of recent days, we also call upon the justice authorities to initiate investigations in line with their authorities.   Read press release.