The vision of youth for public spaces

EC Ma Ndryshe has organized the workshop "The Vision of Youth for the Green Public Space of the Sezai Surroi Center in Prizren". The workshop was aimed at giving young people the opportunity to express their vision of the city, thus making them part of the urban planning process.  This workshop was conducted in cooperation with students of "Loyola" Gymnasium and the students from Germany who are on a study visit in Kosovo. The latter, in cooperation with the students from Kosovo, have presented their proposals by combining the practices applied in the German in the creation of appropriate public spaces for all categories of the community.

Through various work tools, led to group work, young students were stimulated to address the real situation of the sports center space in Prizren by providing suggestions for ideal situations. The result of the several hours workshop were the products of the youth that would serve as an instrument for identifying the demands and concerns of this group regarding urban planning in Prizren.

In 2015, for the space in front of this park, a vision for turning this part into a green space in community service has been realized as it is a dense residential area with a lack of green and recreational spaces. "Comprehensive Cities ..." is a project by EC Ma Ndryshe, which aims to articulate the needs of community groups and translate them into urban plans of Prizren Municipality. This activity was organized in the framework of the project "Comprehensive Cities - Promotion and Dissemination of Participatory Urban Planning Methodology", which is financially supported by the Olof Palme International Center, supported by the Government of Sweden.