The sidewalk in service of pedestrians and the neighborhood community

EC Ma Ndryshe on Friday has conducted the public performance "The sidewalk as a public space", through which activity has reacted to the phenomenon of sidewalks blocking, which is a constant concern for the citizens of Prizren.
The performance "The sidewalk as a public space" was conducted in response to the blockage of sidewalks from illegal parking and other physical barriers that violate the free movement of pedestrians. This module presented on a sidewalk in "Remzi Ademaj" street, consists of a space for sitting, including a space to stay for Persons with Disabilities, then a bicycle parking and green space. The module except that it aims to be a direct barrier for illegal parking of vehicles, also tends to promote the use of the sidewalk as a public space. In this case, the primary purpose of the pavement except for movement of pedestrians, it is also used as a public space by the neighborhood community. Read press release.