The petition of "Bazhdarhana" residents submitted to the Municipality

The petition with the signatures of 158 residents of the neighborhood "Bazhdarhane" was submitted to the bodies of Municipal Assembly of Prizren, attached with the request for review.

The citizens who signed this petition, expressed the need for initiation of the amendment of the decision on changing the UDP related to the location across the sports center "Bazhdarhane-2", adopted by the Municipal Assembly of Prizren on 18 June 2009.

Considering that we are dealing with a dense residential area with no green and recreational spaces, as well as with infrastructural problems, the inhabitants are requesting to designate this area for building a park with green areas and resting, playground and leisure spaces instead of building a large residential flat. 

The visioning of this area was completed in cooperation with the civil society and with professionals, which can serve as a platform for further discussions with all stakeholders.