The house with cultural heritage values and characteristic features of the architecture of the housing of the city in the street `Bajrakli`, which is part of the Historical Center of Prizren, has been demolished. According to the initial information provided by EC, the said building was demolished with institutional permit, based on a report from the common committee, comprised of officials of the municipality of Prizren, QRTK and KTK. Despite the warning from EC about the danger of the demolishing of the building months prior, no institutional action was undertaken for the prevention of it.

Based on initial information, the said building was part of a group of physically degraded houses, that`s why the forementioned institutions have decided on cleaning/demolishing for the safety of the citizens. It has also been pointed that the stocktaking of the building was done and that every other construction in that location must match the old building`s measures. All this information will be researched and analyzed by EC in the next days.

EC Ma Ndryshe considers that the safety of the citizens is a priority. In this line it points out that the institutions, in collaboration with the community should undertake relevant action and on time, so that the other old houses and other buildings of cultural heritage don`t degrade to the degree of becoming a danger to public safety. For this reason, EC requests from the relevant institutions that they rise their vigilance to monitor the situation and undertake the right actions on time, so that the buildings of cultural heritage don`t become a danger to the citizens, but so that they become a real asset of cultural heritage and the progress of the city.

In this situation EC draws attention to the case, in which the decision-making or the common evaluation of the institutions, regarding the group of the buildings that have physically degraded, hasn`t been transparent to the public. EC also considers that a wide public discussion must be held for the way of managing this to be used in such cases, which would contribute in the making of the right choices for the future.