School of Urban Activism initiative is implemented

After finishing the Module 1 of the School of Urban Activism (SUA), EC has started the cycle of realization of civic initiatives designed by school participants. Among the initiatives raised by the participating youth was the design of green spaces at the Down Syndrome Kosova Association, branch in Prizren. More flowers, more greenery, and decorative elements have been added to the yard of this center so that children and young people affected by Down syndrome will have the opportunity to spend more quality time in the public space dedicated to them. The realization of this intervention was done with the participation of members of the association and participants of the School of Urban Activism.

During the following months, further implementation of other interventions designed within the SUA will continue. The proposed actions address certain community issues in the city, and fall into different areas of focus on public spaces.

The Urban Activism School is part of the 'Reclaiming the City' project that specifically aims to advocate for the full enjoyment of the right over the city through a variety of activism platforms. Through the Urban Activism School, the project offers a platform for civic education and civic activism by transforming high school students into active citizens.