Regional Conference on Cultural Activism in Prizren

The conference entitled “Cultural Activism and City” will take place this Thursday (21 May). This conference is a part of project “Cultural and urban Activism in Prizren”, which is financially supported by the United States Embassy in Prishtinë. The conference will be held in Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren and starts at 11:00 hrs. Prominent activists and artists from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia will be the members of two panels, and participants will be involved in open discussions. Some of the speakers will be the following: Violeta Simjanovska (Skopje), Sadi Petrela (Gjirokastër), Shpend Ahmeti (Prishtinë), Ares Shporta (Prizren), Florent Mehmeti (Prishtinë). 

Speakers will make their presentations in two conference panels. The first panel is entitled “Where the Arts, Activism and Performance Meet”, while the second one is called “Vacating Public Space”. These two panels will tackle the cultural context of the following topics: Privatization of Cultural Goods; Open Balkan Cities; New Political Elites and their Narratives; Reclaiming Public Space; Artist as a Cultural Activist; Community Development through Arts; Lost Memories of Cities; Cultural Events and Cultural Activism.