Law violations in neighbouring Municipal Assemblies of Prizren

Neighbouring Municipal Assemblies of Prizren, during this year, in certain cases, have made decisions that are not in accordance with the legislation in force. Based on the assessments of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, it can be noted that in MA of Suhareka, Malisheva and Rahovec are evidenced legal violation, one violation each, whereas in MA of Mamusha, Dragash and Shterpca were not evidenced such cases.

According to the information obtained by the MLGA, Municipal Assembly of Malisheva, even though it received a letter from the minister, did not harmonize her act in accordance with the request of the Ministry concerned, but has reaffirmed the decision adopted earlier. Whereas, the MA of Suhareka has not yet returned the violation for reviewing, while the MA of Rahovec still has time to reconsider the illegal decision. Read press release.