Justice and Community

As part of its “Linking Communities to Justice Providers” project, EC Ma Ndryshe organized a public discussion to encourage better communication between the community and the Basic Court officials in Prizren. To discuss with community representatives, the court was represented by Ymer Hocha, the court president, Aferdita Kicaj, court spokeswoman, and three judges. In the first part of the event, EC Ma Ndryshe provided an overview of the project supported by USAID/ATRC, followed by the presentations of the court representatives that briefed the audience on their duties, responsibilities, and services offered to citizens.

The second part of the discussion was far more interactive and offered community members, students, civil society activists, and experts the possibility to ask questions and comment on issues that concerned them. There was a common theme amongst the issues brought up following including accessibility for people with special needs to court premises, the equal and fair treatment of underrepresented groups, the changes that the new justice system brought in the court practice, opportunities to meet the court president and to participate in court sessions, as well as internship possibilities for law students of University of Prizren. A commonly articulated need of the community members was the availability of public information from the Basic Court in Prizren. EC Ma Ndryshe will continue to organize additional public discussion events to facilitate communication between the community and justice providers in Prizren.

The “Linking Communities to Justice Providers” project is financially supported by USAID Kosovo, with oversight from the ATRC, and it is implemented by EC Ma Ndryshe in Prizren. The overall aim of the project is to improve public participation and raise public trust in justice system.