It is about the time for Kosovo government to intervene in the Historic Centre of Prizren

Destruction of old buildings, that enjoys legal protection as provided by law, is continuing at the Historic Centre of Prizren. The latest case of destruction of cultural heritage in this protected zone has occurred on Thursday at "Marin Barleti". Pursuant to the authorities, there are several other buildings at this street risking to collapse. It has been a long time since the state haven`t undertaken appropriate actions to maintain and conserve these buildings considering that they represent precious value of Prizren architectural heritage.

Buildings at "Marin Barleti" street, mostly residential, are already in risk of total destruction. All these buildings enjoy legal protection status and fall under Nën-kalaja Complex, Panelist and Potok Mahalla, part of the List of Cultural Heritage under Temporary Protection (database unique number 002983). The same enjoys legal protection pursuant to Article 4 paragraph 2 of the Law on Historic Centre of Prizren, provides as follows:  "The protected Historic Centre of Prizren, as a property of cultural heritage under protection, shall be included in the list of cultural heritage, under permanent protection of Republic of Kosovo''. Find the reaction here.