Heritage and Communities - PCDK Experience

The first day of conference ‘’Heritage and Communities – PCDK Experience” was held today. This conference marks the finalization of the joint EU/CoE Project "Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK)". For over 5 years this Project aimed to actively involve the society from all walks of life in encouraging the protection and promotion of cultural heritage values and their use for the benefit of sustainable economic development. 

This Project also contributed in the linkage of “joint heritage concept” with human rights and provision of a genuine contribution in the improvement of life quality and environment. 

The conference was opened with a welcoming speech by the representatives of the Council of Europe, European Union Office and MCYS Department of Cultural Heritage. The discussion session and visits to heritage sites ensued, with special emphasis given to the importance of social aspect in the cultural heritage.  

The conference will be concluded tomorrow with a central activity in Prishtinë, where through presentations and discussions the achievements of this Project will be celebrated. All stakeholders were invited and urged to convey the best practices from this Project in their future activities. 

EC Ma Ndryshe, as partner NGO in this Project for the Region South, shall be the implementing partner for the Heritage and Diversity Program that originated from the work of Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK) Program.