Green containers for a better city

“EC Ma Ndryshe” conducted a public performance titled "Green Containers" in order to convey f a message for no littering and more care for public spaces.

Upon this performance, eight  painted containers are placed in certain locations within the city centre. This artistic intervention, done by the performer Fitore Isufi - Koja, aims at restoring public spaces of the city through the public art, thus transforming them in attractive sites for the community.

As the artist stated, the containers are transformed into green bins, which tend to provoke the citizen in the aesthetic aspect in order to be more careful towards the environment as well as to cultivate a sense for the beauty and nature, but also it  witness irresponsible actions, namely wild littering, thus neglecting collective responsibilities.


“Green Containers” is another impetus for community action in Prizren and for protection of the city through cultural activism. This activity was conducted in light of “Inclusive City...” project activities, a Project that promotes the community organization in Prizren. The "Inclusive City…" project is funded by Olof Palme International Center, supported by Swedish Government.