Conclusion of Conference "Heritage and Communities - PCDK Experience""

Today, in the presence of representatives of central and local level authorities, CoE, EU, as well as representatives of numerous embassies and civil society members, the Support to the Promotion of Cultural Diversity (PCDK) Project was concluded.    

The closing ceremony was finalized with a two-day conference “Heritage and Communities – PCDK Experience”. Concrete PCDK achievements and its contribution to the promotion of integration of European and global cultural heritage standards have been highlighted in the closing day of conference. During the presentation of lessons learned from this Project the focus was placed on the importance of democratic inclusion, community-based processes and diversity promotion as results achieved over the 5-year implementation period for this Project.     

Working group members, representatives of institutions and partner NGOs in different regions, have shared their experience and results achieved through PCDK.   

Conference was closed with specific recommendations that are closely related with the opportunities of benefiting from best practices of this Project in the future, adoption of regional heritage plan, inclusion of cultural heritage into school curricula, more extensive community involvement in the promotion of heritage values, etc.  

Heritage and Diversity Program that was recently established by PCDK Project was indicated to be one of the tools to translate the results achieved over this 5 year period into new and concrete experiences.