Building values are ascertained by cultural heritage authorities

The tendency of the Municipality of Prizren to reduce the process of estimating the values of old buildings to the technical issue of participation or non-participation of RCCH officials at a meeting of a municipal body is an approach that needs to change, similar as well as the manner of communication so far related to these issues.

Secondly, the Municipality of Prizren intentionally or not in its clarification has not referred to the rest of EC reaction paragraph, which states that: "According to the legislation MCYS, respectively RCCH constitutes the only competent authority for assessment of heritage assets, in which case it should be remembered that the updating of the temporary list of protected monuments is a dynamic and continuous process. Therefore, the finding by the municipal bodies of the lack of values of these buildings is ungrounded and unlawful, for the fact that RCCH is not included in decision-making. " Fore more here.