Alternative boards to preserve trees

Initiated from concerns of citizens, environmentalists and institutional officials on damage of trees in city center, as a result of continuous attachment of advertisement posters and information announcements, EC Ma Ndryshe on Saturday has realized public performance “Clear trees”, which calls for more care in preservation of natural values of the city. While trees are main contributors in fresh air, greenness and shade and take an important place in image of the city, they are continuously being used as an advertisement space. Sticking and puncturing the surface of trees damages them, because it is one of the most essential layers of the tree itself, it protects and transports food from the roots up to the leaf.   

To avoid this, EC Ma Ndryshe proposes to place boards in main road axis, destination of which would be sticking information and promotion materials. An analyze focused in two segments of the road starting from the municipality building and up to the Arasta bridge is realized about this, it is noted that in all 42 trees of perimeter 1.3 m up  to 2 m, the surface used for advertisement is around 50 m2. Instead an alternative advertisement board which has space for use on both sides with overall 5,24 m2, is suggested. Based on calculation of the analyze, the application of this board in 9 examples throughout the analyzed segments would free the trees of the advertisement and information. Read press release.