ECO School

The overall objective of the project is to advocate for the introduction of “eco school” concept in Prizren’s schools through piloting the respective environmental protection model and methodology with wide participation of schoolchildren and teachers in a competitively selected school. The concept of the project covers knowledge on the relation of human and environment regarding their mutual impact, causes that harm environment and measures to its protection. The concept also covers information, awareness and engagement for environmental protection, resources and energy, safeguarding of cultural and natural heritage in the service of sustainable development. In the methodological advices section of the course, the curricula document recommends mixed methods of teaching, which through complementarity encourage critical and creative thinking among schoolchildren.  Eco School is a proven methodology, as it includes, among others, improving school environments, motivating young people, and involving communities.


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Increased awareness among schoolchildren and teachers followed by practical measures and activism aiming environmental protection
  • Wide public promotion and public advocacy towards municipality and public schools to formally adopt and implement the “eco school” methodology