Current initiatives

Partnership with the Czech Republic

EC Ma Ndryshe is a direct beneficiary of the project implemented by the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation and EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy based in the Czech Republic. Recently, EC Ma Ndryshe took part in a study visit to the Czech Republic and also had realized a visit of a cultural heritage expert from the Czech Republic. This partnership was established with the aim of carrying out a project on cultural heritage between the two countries, which will be implemented starting from 2014.

Introduction of Prizren’s cultural offer in Slovakia

As part of public and cultural diplomacy efforts of Kosova, EC Ma Ndryshe has disembarked with a three-day cultural program in Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia. This program was built-in in a way to introduce cultural and tourism offer of Prizren, cultural and natural heritage and artistic performance. The purpose of this visit was also the commencement of a sound cultural exchange between the two countries. Backers of this visit were the British Council in Kosova, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Office Prime Minister of Kosova and the Cultural Forum.

Petition for urban order

This petition, which began in August, is aimed at addressing the problem of uncontrolled urban development in Prizren municipality and is intended to the next mayor of Prizren, which is expected to assume office in December of this year. Some of the specific demands set forth by this petition are: a) to stop all construction activities which are not in the line with laws, procedures, regulations, consents and construction permits, b) demolition of all built structures that are not in line with laws, procedures, regulations, consents and construction permits, c) initiation of the process of verifying the damages caused to the living environment, urban fabric and to the cultural heritage of the city due to the uncontrolled and unlawful constructions, d) year 2014 be declared a year of fighting against degrading and unlawful practices in the cityscape, e) to strictly adhere to all applicable laws of Kosova, with special emphasis of those protecting cultural heritage, f) to strictly adhere to and enforce the Conservation and Development Plan for the Historic Zone of Prizren adopted by the Municipal Assembly of Prizren in 2008, and so on.