Cultural heritage – the central pillar of local and regional sustainable development in Prizren

The overall objective of the project is to assess cultural heritage and utilize its potential for the sustainable development of Prizren region. The specific project objectives include: a) Mobilisation of the cultural heritage community and their effective engagement for its protection and promotion, b) To facilitate the dialogue between civil society (and the community in general) and local government for use of cultural heritage for development purposes, c) To promote an integrated approach in the conservation of cultural heritage as an effective approach for local development, d) To foster a sense of ownership and responsibility through cultural heritage local activities, e) To raise public awareness on the importance of cultural heritage, and f) To document cultural heritage values of the region, as a better means of presentation and promotion of this potential.

Activities through which EC Ma Ndryshe implements the project are as follows:

  • Preparation, assistance and participation in the meetings of Inter-Municipal and Regional Working Groups
  • Mobilisation of cultural heritage community, and the community at large, through volunteers,
  • Collection, analysis and classification of data for development of a Regional Cultural Heritage Plan as well as of a Municipal Action Plan in concordance with the regional plan,
  • Identification of three potential local activities that will be delivered in 2014 with the aim of promoting cultural heritage,
  • Drafting of the 2014 Cultural Heritage Calendar for Prizren,
  • Assist in the competition for the logo and visual identity of the cultural heritage offer of the region,
  • Arrangement of site visits for school children and community groups to acquaint them with the values and potential of cultural heritage,
  • Provide logistical support for students during mending activities in the field,
  • Arrangement of exhibition at schools in order for young people to actively engage in the cultural heritage promotion,
  • Assistance in the story collection campaign. 

So far, within the project were realized: data entry of immovable cultural heritage in the online platform for the region of Prizren (inventory of 36 monuments in total), data entry of natural heritage (6 of them), of intangible heritage, a database with 870 questionnaires designed to detect the heritage potentials and tourism assets of Prizren region, 8 site visits with elementary schools and 6 site visits with the general public (marginalized groups) ‬. This project is supported by the Council of Europe, office in Kosovo.