Municipality of Prizren to review and improve the process of subsidies for culture and youth

30 May 2018

On May 16, 2018, the municipality of Prizren published its announcement titled "Directory of Culture, Youth and Sports (DCYS) allocates subsidies for culture and sport", whereby it has announced that this directorate, on the basis of the evaluation of the selected Commission has allocated subsidies with a total of 68,300 euros in culture and youth and at the same time the list of beneficiaries was also published.

Regarding this issue, EC Ma Ndryshe has requested clarifications from the DCYS, where the director has announced that it is a proposal-decision of the Commission addressed to the Mayor, who should make the final decision. In this situation, EC has decided to address some concerns and recommendations to the Mayor. This institution should take into account the regularity and compliance of the process with the legislation in force in order to avoid any conflict of interest when deciding on the allocation of subsidies for culture. Find press release.