The Directorate of Dducation in Prizren welcomes results of Eco school27 December 2019EC Ma Ndyshe has met with the directress of the Directorate of Education in Prizren to inform the Directorate of the results and achievements of the ECO School project during 2019.More
Inclusive Cities27 December 2019The “Inclusive Cities” conference was held where panelists were Flaka Xërxa Beqiri from EC Ma Ndryshe, Mytaher Haskuka Mayor of Prizren, Ilir Gjinolli Lecturer at UP and Enes Toska from EC Ma Ndryshe. ...More
The importance of efficient energy for Prizren citizens26 December 2019EC Ma Ndryshe has implemented an initiative aimed at promoting the usage of efficient energy to the citizens and conducting a research on the importance of energy saving for them. In order to understand the importance of...More
Ecological bags for reduction of plastic bags24 December 2019The initiative "Ecological bags for reducing plastic bags" has been conducted in order to raise the matter of extensive usage and the consequences caused by numerous plastic bags in our country. More
Waste baskets for residents of Glloboçicë20 December 2019Following the workshop with the youth of Dragash Municipality, EC Ma Ndryshe has implemented the request of the youth of Glloboçica village...More
Green agenda of Zhupa - challenge or potential19 December 2019EC Ma Ndryshe in cooperation with NGO "Sofra" held an open debate with panelists, representatives of villages from the Zhupa region and many other participants regarding the environmental protection, natural wealth that...More
Supply of the school with laboratory containers18 December 2019"Xhevdet Doda" High School in Prishtina has been supplied with laboratory containers. This initiative came out as the idea of Elmedina Ramadani, a student of Activism School and a student of this high school.More
Recycling and its benefits18 December 2019In the framework of the project "ECO School" EC Ma Ndryshe held a training on environmental education and a presentation of the year-round activities of this project in front of the students of "Mustafa Bakiu" and "Haziz...More