Prizren, a "museum city" without museums?08 June 2018EC Ma Ndryshe has published the research "Prizren, a 'museum city’ without museums”, in which the existing state...More
Municipality of Prizren to review and improve the process of subsidies for culture and youth30 May 2018On May 16, 2018, the municipality of Prizren published its announcement titled "Directory of Culture, Youth and Sports (DCYS) allocates...More
EC Ma Ndryshe and RCCH Prizren start the drafting of the urban regeneration project of "Marin Barleti" street29 May 2018On 28 May 2018, a Letter of Agreement was signed in the premises of Old Parliament (Beledije) for the drafting of ...More
Building values are ascertained by cultural heritage authorities16 May 2018The tendency of the Municipality of Prizren to reduce the process of estimating the values of old buildings to the technical issue of participation...More
School of Urban Activism initiative is implemented15 May 2018After finishing the Module 1 of the School of Urban Activism (SUA), EC has started the cycle of realization of civic initiatives designed by school participants.More
Prizren Municipality demolishes old buildings without the consent of Cultural Heritage Institutions14 May 2018The Municipality of Prizren on Monday announced that they have begun with the demolition of old and deteriorated buildings that...More
Campus of UP safe and suitable for everyone10 May 2018EC has conducted the workshop "Campus of UP safe and suitable for everyone" held within the framework of the ...More
EC finalizes the first module of Urban Activism School07 May 2018EC has finalized the first module of Urban Activism School, part of the “Reclaiming the City” project.More