Online Transparency of Prizren, Mamusha and Prishtina Municipalities

The “Online Transparency” project focuses upon strengthening good governance in the municipalities of Prizren, Mamusha, and Prishtina, by producing mechanisms that would contribute to increased transparency of the executive branch. Specific objectives include: raising the level of public information on local decision-making; initiation of governmental and judicial mechanisms by addressing malpractice (violation of laws and procedures), increasing transparency in local decision-making, raising the attention of local decision-makers in relation to the lawfulness in municipal governance, and increasing the participation of community groups in the local decision-making process.

Main activities

For the implementation of these project objectives, EC Ma Ndryshe carries out these activities:

  • Regular monitoring of the executive branches of the mentioned municipalities
  • Addressing the malpractices committed by local governments identified during monitoring through the submission of evidence, reports, complaints, cases and requests to the central government or judicial institutions
  • Publication of regular reports on the general trends of transparency of the local governments
  • Provides direct support to local community groups


Some of the main goals of the project are the actuation of central government and judicial mechanisms, the unlocking of local government’s decision-making process, community mobilization, addressing the irregularities of local governance, providing information to citizens regarding the decisions of local government, etc.


As part of this project, EC Ma Ndryshe has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the mayors of the respective municipalities. So far, within this project, 5 analyses have been published containing the findings from continuous monitoring of the municipal executive, and 37 press releases on different matters and irregularities that have emerged during this process. The project is financially supported by the British Embassy in Prishtina. More information about this project, activities, and achievements can be found at,1

Project Coordinator

Elmedina Baxhaku
[email protected]