Green agenda of Zhupa - challenge or potential

19 December 2019

EC Ma Ndryshe in cooperation with NGO "Sofra" held an open debate with panelists, representatives of villages from the Zhupa region and many other participants regarding the environmental protection, natural wealth that this area possesses and the challenges which confronts.

Speakers at the debate were: Izudin Sagdati - NGO "Natural Fresh", Zafir Azizovic – “Sharr” National Park and Duda Balje - Member of Parliament.

Izudin Sagdati from the NGO "Natural Fresh" presented to the audience the Green Agenda of Zhupa, which has been drafted together with various community groups in this area, which may be the starting point for protection and development of environmental potential that the Zhupa region possesses.

Zafir Azizovic as a representative of “Sharr” National Park presented the biodiversity of Sharr National Park, information on its extent and when it was established, as well as the challenges it faces and the potential for tourism it offers.

Duda Balje MP in the Assembly of Kosovo was focused mainly on the ban on the construction of hydropower plants that would have caused irreparable damage to the nature of this area as well as some of the wild construction currently underway in these parts.

Panelists and attendees agreed that much work should be done to preserve and promote this site as much as possible, and stated that such debates are always welcome.

This activity was funded by the project "Luxembourg Support for Civil Society in Kosovo”, funded by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).