The residents of "Marin Barleti" street address their challenges

13 June 2018

Earlier this week, a two-day workshop was held in the framework of the activities of the project "Revitalization and socio-economic integration of the local community on Marin Barleti street".

The workshop held on 11 and 12 June 2018 was co-organized by the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren and EC Ma Ndryshe. This activity aimed at informing the residents of "Marin Barleti" street about the existing situation in the field.

During the workshop the experts engaged in the project presented the findings, researches and preliminary proposals in three thematic areas: cultural heritage, urban planning and socio-economic development. Presentations were followed by numerous questions, suggestions and recommendations from neighborhood residents. This workshop was concluded with discussion on the next steps, namely the project phase, where the solutions offered in the project will be discussed in detail.

The project "Revitalization and Socio-economic Integration of the Local Community on the Marin Barleti street" is coordinated by the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage in Prizren and EC Ma Ndryshe, while funded by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo, the European Union Office in Kosovo, British Embassy through the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and supported by the Municipality of Prizren. The main purpose of the project is to create a positive example of urban regeneration that will affect the preservation of the historic character of the city and provide optimal conditions for preserving the values of cultural heritage and sustainable development.