Prizren, a "museum city" without museums?

08 June 2018

EC Ma Ndryshe has published the research "Prizren, a 'museum city’ without museums”, in which the existing state of the total of six museums in the city of Prizren is reflected and issues related to their functioning have been addressed. Since most of the museums in Prizren are either closed or unknown to the general public, EC has taken this initiative to present the current situation and make concrete recommendations for the revival and promotion of these cultural institutions. This research also analyzes the practices of other museums at local, regional and international level in order to bring in other examples that can serve as positive practices which can be applied by Prizren museum citys.

The city of Prizren, in addition to the epithet of the cultural capital of Kosovo, according to the general perception of the Kosovar public is a city of ancient cultural and historical values and holds the epithet of the "Museum city". This title necessarily reflects the preservation of its historical structure and consequently implies the promotion of this wealth to the general public. One of the means of promoting the city of Prizren are the museums which themselves have such a mission. But does Prizren deserve such an epithet? How many museums are today in Prizren and how many of them are functional and open to the public? How much is the cultural diversity of this city reflected in its museums? Find press release and the research.