Public policies must go through the community filter

20 December 2017

EC Ma Ndryshe has organized the annual conference "Inclusive Cities", which emphasized the need for community involvement in the design and implementation of public and local policies. In this conference, EC's one-year work on community mobilization to address and solve their problems was presented, with a special emphasis on maintaining public pressure on institutions related to degradations in the Historic Center, whereby it was requested a better institutional coordination for action in this area protected by law.
EC’s Executive Director, Edon Mullafetahu emphasized that the organization's one-year work within the "Inclusive Cities" project has been developed in terms of community mobilization to address the problems to the institutions and finding common solutions. He said that there is room for improvement of cooperation with the Municipality, especially in the field of inclusion, transparency and accountability, urban planning and cultural heritage. According to him, every municipal and government project should pass the community filter. Read press release.