The Historic Center of Prizren loses another monument

29 November 2017

In the Historic Center of Prizren, another monument of cultural heritage has been demolished, which was under legal protection. The monument registered as "The House of BajramSokoli" was demolished despite the decision issued on August by the cultural heritage authorities for the termination of works on this building.
According to official information obtained from the Regional Center for Cultural Heritage, the Commission for evaluation of restoration- conservation projects within the Kosovo Institute for Protection of Monument in July of this year had approved the request/project for the renovation/restoration of the individual house in cadastral parcel 1910-0 in Prizren. But afterwards, RCCH after being informed that this house has started demolition activities although the permit has been for renovation, they informed KIPM and the Municipality of Prizren about not respecting the given permit. According to the RCCH on 22 August 2017 KIPM has suspended the decision regarding the project for renovation/restoration of the house in question. KIPM has also ordered the termination of works on the building due to the works carried out in excess of the conditions and criteria set out in the project approved by KIPM. This Institution also emphasized that "any action that takes place after the adoption of this decision by all parties is considered to be ’unauthorized work on cultural heritage ‘- a punishable act. At the same time KIPM has authorized RCCH to initiate all the relevant procedures with the Municipality of Prizren in order to implement this decision respectively to terminate the works. Read press release.