Reclaiming the City

The project is a commitment of EC in promoting safe, inclusive, accessible, green, sustainable and qualitative public spaces in Prizren, including, but not limited to: roads, sidewalks, cycling lanes, squares, wetlands, gardens and parks. These are multifunctional areas for interaction and inclusiveness, health and wellbeing, economic and cultural exchanges between a wide diversity of people and cultures that are designed and managed to ensure human development and build a peaceful, inclusive and participatory society.  In essence, it is an effort to support the underrepresented community groups to win and fully enjoy their rights to the city (and human rights) through activism and mobilization in order to promote a democratic urban planning reform in Prizren.


  • Enable platforms for education, mobilization and activism through which underrepresented community groups will influence the institutional planning processes of the city and strive for their right to the city
  • Promote policy reform through a Civic Initiative for the City Charter to speed up the democratization of urban governance and city planning
  • To promote a public debate on the concept and practices of the right to  the city through the media