Urbanism Watch – “Urbanism of Prizren under Constant Watch”

Through this project, EC Ma Ndryshe aims to install a permanent monitoring system regarding the local government’s legislation in the fields of management and urban development in the city of Prizren, with particular emphasis on the Historic City Center. Through the monitoring findings, this system will be complemented with publications and advocacy components to ensure urban order in Prizren. The main purpose of the project is to prevent further urban degradation of the city and to push for the creation of an enabling environment for controlled and sustainable urban development through an increase of transparency and ensuring accountability in the field of urbanism and spatial planning.


Main activities

EC Ma Ndryshe has highlighted the following activities that have helped further the project’s goals:

  • Permanent monitoring of the local government through monitoring staff who will have an unfettered access to  the decision-making process of these institutions
  • Consistent publication of findings from the monitoring process, which will be released regularly through various tools
  • Addressing institutional responsibility, where all violations identified during the monitoring will be processed and directed to the respective responsibility-seeking institutions
  • Regular advocacy regarding the monitored institutions will be built upon the published findings
  • Civic mobilisation for urban planning, where the project will benefit from the past activity of EC Ma Ndryshe which aimed at communicating the needs of community groups



Since the beginning of the project implementation, the assigned staff of EC Ma Ndryshe have consistently monitored the work of institutions that are responsible for ensuring urban order in the municipality of Prizren. In this framework, the project has issued five press releases as well as two brief analyses, whereas the project will continue with the findings production dynamics during the course of 2014. This project is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society – KFOS, whereas more detailed information on the project activities can be found at,51.

Project Coordinator
Valon Xhabali
[email protected]