Reform Index and Municipal Transparency

The project aims to improve transparency practices in Kosovo municipalities through a permanent assessment and advocacy tools(index).


  • Municipal Transparency Reform index (semi-annual and annual reports)
  • Many public information materials based on evidence of transparency and accountability
  • "True Conversations" with the Transparency Forum in Prizren
  • Improved dialogue between civil society and local government on good governance


  • Collection of data and information from the seven main municipalities
  • Interviews with Key Information Officers: LL Officers, Civil Society, Journalists, and others
  • Focus groups in each of the seven municipalities
  • Preliminary and Final Reporting Events
  • Regular monitoring of municipalities of Prizren, Prishtina and Mamusha
  • Monitoring the transparency of Municipalities Rahovec, Malishevë, Dragash, Suharekë and Shtërpcë
  • Regular publications of monitoring findings through press news, reports, policy documents, information charts, etc.
  • Public discussion on the most important issues regarding the transparency of local government
  • Regular maintenance of the Online Transparency Web-site
  • Reporting cases of violations to the institutions responsible for justice, law enforcement and central government
  • Reportage in the media (before and after) of the issues disclosed in the "Confrontation"
  • Radio and Television Program for Local Government Transparency
  • Promotion of the Model of the Transparency Forum in all municipalities
  • Structured dialogue with mayors and relevant public officials in seven main municipalities
  • Extension to other municipalities in Prizren region and Shtërpcë municipality through monitoring of low intensity transparency
  • Direct assistance to CSOs and community groups (citizens) in the selected municipalities